Meet Our Dedicated Team

Kathy Brock

Finacial and Admissions Director 

Kathy dedicates time to fostering homeless kittens for the rescue groups, Feline Friends and Lola’s Rescue. She enjoys taking her dog on long walks, and spending time with extended family. Kathy’s favorite thing about The Granville is all the different personalities of the residents & hearing their life stories.

Joined in 1998 



Joe Whitney

Executive Director 

Joe enjoys the many aspects of sports, participating, coaching, and watching his daughters play. Joe also enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with his family.  Joe appreciates that at The Granville the residents are all different. They all have a history that makes them who they are. He enjoys the opportunity to get to know them personally.

Joined in 2000

Andrew Cortinez

Maintenance/Cleaning Coordinator 

Andrew loves camping in the mountains and being away fm the city. ” I enjoy working at the Granville because everyday I come in , I get to put a smile on several residents faces by repairing or lending a helping hand. Something that could be a big deal for them, but an easy fix for me, and it  makes their day . Very gratifying !!”

Joined in 2014  


Brittany Hernandez

Staff Development Coordinator 

Brittany enjoys spending time with her loved ones during family game nights! Brittany’s drive to grow professionally saw her leave The Granville after more than a decade of service to become an LPN. The Granville staff were ecstatic to welcome her back a few years ago as our first on site LPN. What Brittany loves most about The Granville is how caring everyone is, from the owners, to the staff, and most especially the residents. “We  are all one big family and everyone truly cares about one another.” 

Joined in 2002 

Jaime Tafoya

Medication Coordinator 

Jaime loves her mini dachshund, Kenley (she’s the best cuddler). Jaime also enjoys spending time with her neices and nephews. When asked about her time at The Granville she explained, “The Granville is home, residents and staff can be themselves, we all truly enjoy each other and can get through anything together.”

Joined in 2000

Elaine Blanchard

Resident Services Director

Elaine has worked at The Granville since 2008 as a QMAP, just recently obtaining the Resident Services Director position.

She likes being outside in the yard with her dogs that both came from rescues. She likes reading, needlepoint, hanging out with friends

and bowling. The Granville has always been home away from home. The owners, staff,  and especially the residents all make it that way!


Carlyn Pratte

Activity Director

Carlyn has a background in visual and performing arts having owned her own belly dance business for several years. During that time she gained experience teaching and working at senior facilities and found a love for working with that population. She strives to cultivate a culture of curiosity and fun among the residents here at The Granville. She enjoys dancing, crafting, being outdoors and spending time with her 2 kids and pets.


Urbano Avila

Kitchen Manager/Head Chef 

On his rare days off Urbano enjoys working in the yard and spending time with his family. “The best part about the Granville is that we are all a big family here! Meal time is like one big family dinner everynight where the residents can chat and catch up about their days. I love being a part of that!”

Joined in 2003


Kelsey Muneton



Kelsey enjoys spending time with her cat, Nova (short for Casanova) cooking Asian food and watching anime series full of action. Something she likes about The Granville is that everyone has different personalities & stories and it feels like a family.